Better information could lead social care providers and consumers to a more positive future view

Andy Begley, who leads adult social care, housing and public health at Shropshire Council, and co-chairs ADASS WM, says better informed providers, consumers and commissioners should deliver a more positive view about the future ...Read more

Global Cyber Alliance small business cyber security toolkit download for free

Smaller enterprises are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals and results can be total wipeout....Read more

CLGdotTV launches four programme production collaborations

Local Government Information Unit (LGiU); Empowering You; Tailor Made Projects and SOENECS partner with CLGdotTV to produce regular scheduled programmes and podcasts...Read more

IoT devices used in care predicted to rise to ‘billions’ in a few years

The use of sensors to monitor individuals’ wellbeing is set to take off agreed Roy Grant of City of York Council, Mark Lowe of Pinacl Solutions and Karantis 360’s Nick Hampson, in the recent CLGdotTV discussion on care in the home....Read more

Public anxiety about drones could stymie economic and social benefits

PwC UK drones lead Elaine Whyte, Dedrone’s Amit Samani and Tris Dyson of Nesta discuss the economic and social potential of drones and whether public anxieties might be allayed through regulation and control by public authorities....Read more

Ask your taxi driver: ‘do you live in a smart city?’

Darren Capes of the IET, Chris Dyer of Yotta and Linda Chandler of Hyperlocal Cities discuss with LGiU’s Ingrid Koehler what ‘smart life’ looks like and the role of councils in shaping it....Read more

Public sector yet to get smart about workforce

Deprioritising tech may be the smart route to public service transformation

Will Defra’s new Resources and Waste Strategy deliver the ‘circular economy’?

Cannabis: legal in the UK this year or any time soon?

How can public sector take up of SME innovation be increased?

Sharing births, marriages & deaths data to improve services and reduce fraud

OpenStreetMap: should the public sector be making more use of this remarkable asset?

This Smart Life - Feb 6th 2019 - Blackfriars London