Connected Local Government Live 2018 - local government and the digital citizen

There can be no smart places without smart leaders. CLG Live 2018 offer ten, expert led discussions, looking forward to the next chapter in the transformation of local government....Read more

CLG Briefings: Heath Groves of Sundown Solutions in conversation with Joe Tibbetts

A solution to bed blocking would save money, time and heartbreak. Sundown Solutions may have a large part of the answer....Read more

Emma Marinos - LB Southwark, Phil Baron - Meritec & Vicky Sargent - Better Connected Programme: Digital Transformation - Overdue & Undercooked!

Digital Transformation- once thought to be a magic bullet now seen to be a ceaselessly moving target....Read more

National picture of local election results to be made freely available online as results are declared

Local election results for the May 3rd elections are to be made freely available online as the results are declared locally on an interactive map....Read more

Circular Economy, council procurement of Tech SMEs, waste and recycling, moral imperatives for tomorrow's council

Working Lunch Dr David Greenfield of SOENECS & Hilary Simpson of Sleuth Cooperative in conversation with Joe Tibbetts...Read more

Why publishing local election results is so hard - and why its about to change

Open data; electoral transparency; local democracy; citizen engagement; local digital democracy and democratic services...Read more

The Smart City piece. Steve Johnson of Ruckus in conversation with Joe Tibbetts

Modernising public services - the link with May’s local elections

The Cooperative Effect

CLG Briefing : Mark Golledge of the LGA and Vicky Sargent of CLGdotTV in conversation

CLGdotTV - March viewing figures

Steve White Software Business Development Manager at Yotta in conversation with Joe Tibbetts

Is data the magic bullet in Councils' survive and prosper armoury?

Working Lunch No7 - Is the High Street dead, dying or rebuilding?