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What can "digital" do for social care


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Mark Nicholas, Chief Social Worker, NHS Digital and David Watts, Director of Adult Services, Wolverhampton CC in conversation with Vicky Sargent of CLGdotTV 27 June

Social care serves a vulnerable population including a rapidly growing numbers of elderly people, many with chronic illnesses or impairments. By contrast, funding for social care has diminished, rather than increased in recent years.

Against this background, the panel came up with a range of ways that ‘digital’ could support social care including:

- helping vulnerable people connect to services that could monitor their wellbeing without being intrusive (apps and remote monitoring)

- supporting a more agile workforce so they can do ‘paperwork’ while in the field and be deployed more effectively by managers

- enabling people to self-manage conditions, often using ordinary consumer technologies

The conversation includes discussion of the NHS Apps Library; the role of online information, advice, and guidance; social care information to be published on the new NHS.UK website; and a forthcoming campaignby NHS Digital to raise social workers’ awareness of digital technologies.


An Audience with CLGdotTV No3 - central London, 23 October 2018

will focus on social care and health, topics covered will include:

integration of health and social care services around place
the HR and skills connundrum at the heart of social care and health integration
the challenges of patient/citizen information sharing and how these can be overcome
the role of population, NHS ‘SUS’ and other data in improving service interventions and outcomes
self-supporting communities – how far will social prescribing and asset based commissioning take us?
the potential of apps and other digitally-enabled products and services in social care
the sustainability of current health and social care systems.
seats in the audience are very limited if you want to #beoneofthe60
email Ben Webber for more information.



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