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Today is Wednesday - how digital is transforming our approach to home-based and residential care


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Vicky Sargent talks to Alyson Scurfield, Taffy Gatawa, Florence Lindsay-Walters, Issac Theophilos, Adam Hutchison, Romola Ganguli, Tommy Henderson-Reay, Karolina Gerlich, Neil Eastwood, Ian Donaghy, Mohammed Gbadamosi

The power of digital to drive efficiencies in the delivery of social care cannot be denied. But there are a whole host of other debates still to be concluded, how to deploy the savings that can come from those efficiencies, for example, and how, when and in what ways to make the transition from old to new process management, and how much can digital improve the lives of those who are cared for and how to strike a balance between technology driven delivery and the longed for human touch.

Vicky Sargent emerged with renewed optimism from two inspiring days at the NEC talking to people at the Dementia, Care and Nursing Home Expo 2019. 

00:27  Alyson Scurfield - CEO, TEC Services Association
01:27  Taffy Gatawa - everyLIFE Technologies & Florence Lindsay-Walters - Social Care Institute for Excellence
04:11  Issac Theophilos  - How to get outstanding
06:37  Big Ian Donaghy - Dear Dementia & The Missing Peace
09:29  Karolina Gerlich - The National Association for Care and Support Workers
13:45  Tommy Henderson-Reay - National Care Forum
15:35  Neil Eastwood - Sticky People
17:23  Romola Ganguli - Heritage Healthcare & Adam Hutchison Belmont Healthcare
19:29  Mohammed Gbadamosi - Tech For Care
A podcast of this programme will be available soon.
Thank you to everyLIFE Technologies for facilitating our trip to the Dementia, Care and Nursing Home Expo 2019


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