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PODCAST: Quality Assurance for Care Homes


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The CQC lays down the law when it comes to health and safety in care homes. Local Councils, which add their own layer of targets and regulations, test and encorage compliance. The whole process is essential but gobbles up resource.

Given the necessarily large number of regulations and the frequency of changes as new Care procedures and technologies are introduced the compliance is a bottomless pit into which vast amounts of human and financial resources dissapear.  

Heath Groves explains to Joe Tibbetts how his company Sundown Solutions, have been working with Rochdale Council to develop an online service that will enable proders (the care homes) and the Council's own Quality Assurance teams to save time and money and ensure that not only are the rules followed but where improvements can be found these are shared with all.

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An Audience with CLGdotTV No3 - central London, 23 October 2018
will focus on social care and health, topics covered will include:
integration of health and social care services around place
the HR and skills connundrum at the heart of social care and health integration
the challenges of patient/citizen information sharing and how these can be overcome
the role of population, NHS ‘SUS’ and other data in improving service interventions and outcomes
self-supporting communities – how far will social prescribing and asset based commissioning take us?
the potential of apps and other digitally-enabled products and services in social care
the sustainability of current health and social care systems.
seats in the audience are very limited if you want to #beoneofthe60
email Ben Webber for more information.



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