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Delivering This Smart Life and IoT to remote rural communities requires innovation and a can-do mind set


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Rapier Systems are delivering fifty megabytes, fifty miles along a single track road then shining the signal across the Sound of Mull

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When we talk about Smart Places more often that not we mean cities or large towns. But remote communities cannot remain viable unless they can encourage people to stay and even, difficult to imagine, people to move there. Sustainable communities need sustainable businesses not only to provide employment and provoke inward investment but also to encourage that sense of community that we now recognise as being essential. Today none of this is possible without broadband, IoT and the whole connectivity thing.

Rapier Systems are based in Dalgety just across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh and work with councils like Angus and cities such as Perth and Dundee  but it was their work on the west coast at Drimin, looking across the Sound of Mull, that made us call them in to tell us what they were up to.

Richard Watson MD at Rapier will be at An Audience With CLGdotTV No 4 - This Smart Life on 6th february (look here) If you want to talk to Richard there may well still be a few seats left in the audience, call Ben Webber on 07718 929374 to check availability. Be warned, this may look like an ordinary event but each session becomes a CLGdotTV programme and you should arrive prepared to make a contribution from the floor. In This Smart Life your words spread out around the world and are heard by thousands of people. 

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