SOENECS supports the public & private sector to deliver strategic efficiencies and improvements to services. It is owned by Dr David Greenfield FCIWM CEnv, who has been working within the waste and resources industry in local government for over 20 years. He is organiser of the London chapter of the Circular Economy Club, non-executive Chair of the board of directors for ADBA, Chair of the ICE Resource Management Panel, Board Member of Freegle, Delivery Director for the Diocese of Chichester Energy Stewardship Programme and advisor and past chair to the National Waste Network Coordinators (WNC). David is currently managing the Dept for Transport Funded research project “Pothole Spotter”.


Councils, households, businesses face major changes from Government Waste Strategy


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Dr David Greenfield draws out key aspects of the current Strategy consultation with Robert Vaughan and Linda Crichton of Defra, and Stuart Hayward-Higham of SUEZ Recyling & Recovery

Our second edition of the New Circular Economy Show focused on the consultation - due to complete May 18 - on measures that will have a major impact on household waste collections.

The consultations cover proposals including deposit return schemes (DRS) in which people will be paid for returning drinks containers; extended producer responsibilities (EPR) under which producers will need to produce packaging that is easier for households to recycle; and measures to encourage greater consistency in council waste collection arrangements.

Issues discussed that are likely to be close to the hearts of local politicians, waste managers, local businesses and householders include: the Strategy’s ambition to raise national recycling rates from 45% to 65% by 2035; the desire for a ‘dramatic’ rise in weekly food waste collection from its current base in just 15% of councils; possible introduction of free garden waste collections; and greater consistency in what and how councils collect for recycling including the suggestion that bin colours should standardize.

According to Stuart Hayward-Higham a big part of the challenge is behaviour change, since achievement of a 60% recycling rate requires ‘90% of people to do 90% of the right things 90% of the time.’

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