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CLGdotTV recording and broadcast schedules Jan-Mar 2019


@ 2018 Boilerhouse Communications

CLGdotTV records programmes and podcasts in many locations around the UK and broadcast them both live and on-demand via our platforms ( CLGdotTV ) & Informationdaily.TV ( IDdotTV )

CLGdotTV at Digitech18 - broadcasting from Thursday 1st October 
CLGdotTV will be recording a series of programmes at Digitech18 to be broadcast through all CLGdotTV channels. Guests on the programmes will include Guy Giles, Looking Local; DXW Digital; Simon Dickinson, Digital Gaps; Paul Maltby MHCLG Stephen Blackburn, Leeds City Council; Theo Blackwell, Chief Digital Officer for London Rob McNally City of Leeds; Patrick Clark NHS Digital 
CLGdotTV at the National Social Value Conference 2018 broadcasting from Thursday 22nd November 
CLGdotTV will be recording a series of programmes on Day 1 (20th November) of the National Social Value Conference 2018. There are opportunities to record interviews with individuals attending the event. 
CLGdotTV at 58VE - An Audience with CLGdotTV No4 - This Smart Life broadcasting from Thursday 8th February 
CLGdotTV will be recording a series of programmes at 58 Victoria Embankment (the Nesta building) Coffee 10.15  Cameras roll 11.00am  Goodbye 4.30pm.

Our smart lives are no longer connected to place. We carry This Smart Life with us everywhere and overlapping coverage allows increasingly ubiquitous connectivity. We no longer notice or count the spaces where we can connect, we only notice when connection is poor or when we cannot connect at all. This Smart Life is a whole new world.

There are 40 seats for the studio audience. These are free of charge and by invitation. Email to get onto the invitation list. Contact Ben Webber 07718 929374 to discuss sponsorship opportunities.


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