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A new approach to quality assurance in social care at Rochdale BC has been a game changer


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QA in the provision of social care is time and resource consuming, a moving target and essential.

Setting and maintaining minimum levels of quality for the provision of care in care homes and care and nursing homes (the providers) is a complicated matter. The Care Quality Commission sets the standards which care homes across the country must meet. But then the Local Authority adds another layer of standards and procedures locally. Standards are constantly being reassessed and changed and, as our guests point out, the care homes want to do better than simply meet the minimum standards. Furthermore the care homes are all separate small businesses, naturally they have different ways of doing things and believe that their way is right. In Rochdale there are more than 50 different small businesses running care homes. 

Council quality assurance (QA) managers have to ensure that standards are being met but, crucially, they are not just checking on performance their role is to support and help the providers and in particular those that are in danger of missing their targets. And sharing best practice among the entire group of 50+ providers is essential.

The QA team and the care homes in Rochdale have been working with Sundown Solutions to design a Provider Support Tool. The tool was launched in the spring of this year and the results have been dramatic.

You can find our more about the Provider Support Tool here 

Sundown Solutions can be found in the Innovator Zone at Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester 5 & 6 September


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